It does not matter what type of vehicle you drive. It does not matter what year your vehicle might be. Every time you buy a car, you will be encouraged to listen to the manufacturer and get your important factory scheduled maintenance. Whether it is only 30,000 mile maintenance or your 90,000 mile maintenance, the factory scheduled maintenance in Carmichael, CA is extremely important. You should be thinking of this maintenance as a way to keep your vehicle driving at its peak performance. These factory scheduled maintenances are put in place to ensure your vehicle has a long lasting life span on that road and make sure it outlives expectations.

At Ken and John’s Complete Car Care they have been performing factory scheduled maintenance’s in Carmichael, CA for almost two and a half decades. Their expert technicians have dedicated their professional careers in educating themselves on every unique aspect of your vehicle. That factory scheduled maintenance in Carmichael, CA inspects and grades a plethora of your vehicle’s operational functions. It may seem like a task, but it is a necessity to ensure the safety of your vehicle’s systems.

Their team will look at every system needed in that factor scheduled maintenance in Carmichael, CA including, but not limited to brakes, steering, alignment, engine, transmission, wheels, air conditioning, fluids, filters, mirrors, latches & handles, lights, suspension, and exhaust. All of these functions equal importance in keeping you and your passenger’s safe while travelling on the highway.

Ken and John’s Complete Car Care is ready to take on any and all repair and maintenance needs which includes any of your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenances. Whether you drive a Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, Chevy Malibu, or Mercedes E­Class, they are ready and willing to take your needs on. Any make, model, or year can be serviced at their shop. So, no matter what type of vehicle it is you are driving, do yourself a favor.

Give them a call, stop on by, or send them an email with your requests and needs. Bring your factory scheduled maintenance in Carmichael, CA needs to Ken and John’s Complete Car Care. They are the shop that truly cares about keeping their customers safe on the road.

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