image_09There it is on your front dash, the dreaded engine light. It glares at you like an enemy, but it doesn’t need to be thought of as an enemy. With Ken and John’s Complete Car Care that check engine light is now your partner. At their shop, they take great pride in being able to diagnose any and all needs when it comes to auto repair in Carmichael, CA. Those indicators on your dash can mean a number of things from transmission issues to an overdue oil change to engine needs.

First things first, their expert technicians will be able to help diagnose the problems from simply observing out of the ordinary issues such as odd smells, strange noises, and subtle performance concerns. Auto repair in Carmichael, CA has never been this efficient and easy to handle. Opened over two decades ago, Ken and John’s Complete Car Care are so confident in their ability to take care of any auto repair in Carmichael, CA that with every service they supply a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. Their team of expert technicians’ skills does not stop at engine problems. Their services include, but are not limited to electrical systems, brakes, tires, mirrors, steering, lights, and air conditioning.

Dedicating their professional lives to honing these skills in auto repair in Carmichael, CA makes them the number one choice any and all auto repair needs. There is no warning sign too small to at least get inspected by their team. If it is a clunking, a rattling, a smoky smell, or that dreaded check engine light, then do yourself a favor and give them a call. They service any make, any model, any year. Whether it is a personal vehicle, or a commercial fleet, they are prepared. If you drive a vintage Ford Mustang, a brand new Audi Q5 or a Toyota Tundra with 150,000 miles, they can handle it. Ken and John’s Complete Car Care is exactly that, COMPLETE.

So, don’t make that check engine light an enemy, call their team today for any and all needs when it comes to auto repair in Carmichael, CA. Their experience, their expertise, and their extensive knowledge won’t disappoint.

3937 MARSHALL AVE, CARMICHAEL, CA 95608 Phone: (916)944-1526